Amazing Petra Paper Bag made from recycled marble and stone – 100% tree free

Product Code : SC0148

Product Description


Amazing – Eco Friendly paper bags made entirely from recycled stone and marble – 100% tree free and not simply water resistant but waterproof!

The new totally tree free Petra bag made using recycled stone and marble from building sites and other waste.

They are also stronger than tree made paper bags and tear resistant, and they are also water proof.

No trees are used in the production of this paper bag making it very Eco friendly.

Petra bags feel soft and silky smooth to touch and are much stronger than standard gloss laminate paper bags.

Stone Paper Bags 100% Tree Free bags are stronger than traditional paper bags and much more environmentally friendly!

They are manufactured using a revolutionary, treeless, mineral based paper making process.

Produced using 80% Calcium Carbonate and 20% High Density Polypropylene,to give it water and tear resistant properties.

This paper production method results in lower costs, lower energy use and massive reductions in environmental impact!

Create your own size and shape

  • 4 colour process to front back and sides of the bag.
  • Rope handling – many colours available.
  • Minimum quantity: 1000 pieces.
  • Lead time approx. 15 days dispatch.

Bags are printed on the base with the following details: